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Today I found a video interview with Dr. Craig Spencer, a famous doctor and member of Doctors Without Borders (one of my favorite groups!). I get so excited when I find celebrities who’ve taught a course for the same company I do. He’s also an ER doctor and professor at Colombia University. Did you know that life expectancy used to only be forty years old? It has now increased to 80 years today.

We live in a golden age of medicine and health. In some countries outside of the U.S., though, unfortunately, life expectancy is still only until the 50s. Thus, birthdays are special. There was always a risk that babies may not make it to their first birthday around the world historically.

We didn’t always know as much about disease before as we do now, either. We used to think everything came from bad air. We didn’t know as much about viruses and germs. For example, surgeons many years ago didn’t put on clean robes as they do now. They didn’t understand that they could bring infection and bacteria with them into surgery.

Much later, they realized going in like that does patients a disservice. Infections after surgery were commonplace many years ago. A doctor, Joseph Lister, came up with the idea that germs were the reason for infection, not the air or “spirits” in the hospital. He started sterilizing and made surgery safe. Because of him, surgery has continued.

No access to clean and fresh water is one of the main reasons for poor health even nowadays. We have to sterilize water. You may notice that countries with a flawed water system have more illnesses such as cholera, etc. Believe it or not, salt and sugar save lives! Because sugar mixed with water and a little bit of salt helps prevent dehydration.

The last health tip I will share (from the interview), is everyone needs a good bug spray! We don’t suffer much from malaria in the U.S.; however, the most threatening insect is a mosquito. We still deal with it in other countries throughout the world. Bugs carry the most bacteria.

Regarding vaccines, first and foremost, they do their best to prevent infections—especially certain types of conditions. Vaccines are as “old” as the US and were first used in the fight against smallpox. The last case of smallpox was in 1949. The only disease ever fully eradicated.

Now I will pass it over to Brian Galvin (Varsity Tutors) and Dr. Craig Spencer. Just click on the link to watch the entire video. It’s very interesting. I think you’ll enjoy it:

Lastly, though, I want to point out that Artificial Intelligence (AI) trained machines are already looking at scans and are detecting stuff a radiologist may not be able to. More of this is on the horizon. People are going to live longer, says Dr. Craig Spencer. Due to advancements in technology.

A basic computer chip is also responsible for saving lives. Doctors can target, collect data, and save information. Medicine is only going to improve over the next few decades and beyond!

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  1. I agree, we are so fortunate in this country to have access to good medical care! I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, thank God for the medications to control them! 🙏🏻❤️

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