Everything Is In Cosmic Order❤️🌌

God’s timing is perfect. Through studying physics, I have learned that God’s timing can be referred to as ‘cosmic’ timing, divine timing, and even ‘universal timing.’ Since God is the creator and maker of ALL things, and I mean, ALL, he is also the creator of this thing called ‘timing.’ Physicists like to refer to this ‘moment to moment’ we are living through as ‘entropy.’ After all, everything you see, hear, feel, touch, or experience is an aftermath of the Big Bang, or ‘Big event,’ as I like to call it, that happened 13.8 billion years ago. I don’t call it a bang because there was no noise or air molecules at the time. The ‘Big event’ timeline correlates with the Book of Genesis. The order of events, the sun came next and us humans, last. You see, there is a cosmic order. Some physicists, like Brian Greene, for example, deny that we even have free will. However, we are often presented with ‘choices’ in this life—our choices determine a result. So we do play a part in what happens in our lives or the lives of others. The beauty about God and his divine plan is that even when we mess things up, he is there to pick us up. He gives us another chance. He forgives. He makes it right. Our God is All perfect, All loving, and kind.♥️✨

About Zina

Zina Hermez has authored the best selling book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival. She’s been featured in numerous articles, guest posts, podcasts, websites, newsletters, and magazines. She’s been featured on ESPN’s ‘Solutions from the Huddle’ broadcast and on Grace and Truth Radio World. Zina’s written more than 500 articles and has taught thousands of students from all over the world spanning many different backgrounds and cultures. She’s appeared in Christianity Today, the Suite T blog, and the Southern Writers magazine among other places. She writes on faith, science, and overcoming adversity. She also writes on health and diet and loves to help others. Her latest book, Not Without God: Hope In the Storm is live and for sale! Order your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Not-Without-God-Hope-Storm-ebook/dp/B09P9T2DLT

Author: Zina Hermez

I'm a teacher, writer, and speaker. I got into publishing when I joined a Christian writers' group online where I met a few select authors who mentored me. My life changed. Through classes, webinars, and friendly emails, I've been encouraged to write. I started my blog to cope with my spinal injury in hopes of helping people.

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