Hello, thanks for visiting my website.:) I want to share something with you: God loves you.❤️ He loves you because you are you, his child, and the one he longs to be with. If you don’t already, you will one day understand the importance of his profound existence! 

He loves you just the way you are, grace is not earned—it is freely given. However, you have been called. You have been called to be better than you are. For the sake of yourself and for the sake of others. How can you improve who you are?

Keep in mind though, if grace were given because of our “works” most of us would not benefit. Grace is “freely” given. Our works have not always demonstrated that we should earn it. Again, how can we be better?

I have failed numerous times, but I continue to recognize that God is able to pull us out of our past; so we can live fully in the present! There is no greater time than now to turn our lives around. At times your path will not be easy.

But when we truly know God, we will rejoice in ALL circumstances!

Let’s put away any arrogance, or sense of entitlement. Paul writes in a letter to the Romans in Chapter 10: “If you declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead–you will be saved” (Romans 10:9).

I remind you of this verse because I think that some have a misconception about how to come to the Lord. They may think they need to have had a sin-free life or that he would not accept them into the kingdom if they’ve really messed up. It’s not true.

This isn’t always a live your best life kind of path, at times it will be difficult. Those of us who follow God have suffered hardship and even rejection. We have suffered persecution, and life isn’t always pleasurable. Following Jesus is not a one-time-event; he is continually molding and shaping us. 

I’m passionate about my faith and friends. Having a relationship with God through prayer, conversation, and studying the Bible is crucial. After being hit by a car while trying to cross the street on my way to school at just sixteen years old, I became paralyzed.

It’s a miracle from the Lord I’m alive and able to walk. I use crutches (the kind with the rings around the arms), and I hope to one day walk without them. Some doctors predicted I would never walk again at all, so the progress I have made is huge.


I’m a writing coach, author, teacher, and I have home-schooled classes at churches in the metro Detroit area. I’ve taught creative and structured writing, grammar, essay, and other Language arts courses. I’ve incorporated free writing, journals, essays, college prep, the five-paragraph, research papers, and more.

I’ve taught many subjects, and I’ve worked with thousands of students from different backgrounds and parts of the world. I have a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts degree with a major in English and a minor in History. I also have an Associates degree in Liberal Arts.

I’ve worked as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Instructor for many years and have teach grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation and have trained students to take standardized tests for business placement and college examinations.

I’ve taught EFL to automotive managers and engineers at corporations like General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota.

I’ve taught numerous children and accumulated many jobs throughout the years. I began my own teaching services back in 2004-2005 while incorporating many subjects.


I’ve written well over 500 articles. My guest posts have been featured in Christianity Today, the Southern Writers Magazine, the Breathe Conference website, the Salonpas blog, and the Suite T blog among many other places.

I’m the author of the best-selling book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival. I’m excited about my latest, Not Without God: Hope In the Storm. It is the second in my II part, Not Without God, series.

I’ve been an active member of writer’s groups and have developed my own, “Writing Because I Can’t Not Write,” created back in August of 2022. We meet on zoom every Friday and share our writing. Each person brings one to three pages for feedback. Some members just join and observe.

I only special feature award-winning and best-selling authors and speakers. If you have an interest in writing, want to write a book, or simply want to gain more exposure for your brand or business, make sure to contact me so I can get you started: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100085121127473&mibextid=LQQJ4d

With much love,




With the one and only, Chris Cuomo in Detroit!
With Ice T and his wife, Coco, in NY at Carnegie Hall in 2019!
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  1. Hi Zina,

    You are truly an inspiration. Your optimism and your faith is what heals you. I am happy to hear your stories. There are many people who needs your words of encouragement. I’ll share this with my friends who have been victims of personal injury.

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  2. Hello Zina,
    I have read your Blog, I fully agree with your opinion. I also like to spend a time in the book store in the US. But In Japan, we can’t see any cafe areas and tables & chairs in the book store. I think Japanese book store has a strong tendency to avoid that the customer would stay there for a long time, but the US case is completely opposite. I like this type of the US culture. Everyone can spend a good time in the store which they like. I hope I could read the book which you wrote near future. Of course, I will purchase your book at that time!

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  3. On July 17th 2012, I sustained a spinal cord injury from a dirtbike accident. I fractured my T-5, T-6, and C-6 with a dislocation. What a blow to my life, or anybody’s life for that matter….It’s only been 7 mo post accident and feels like a bad dream that I can’t wake up from…I’m a paraplegic…I didn’t have any movement after the surgery..I went to Craig Hospital for 2 mo after the accident for rehab. I started getting rapid return in movement of my legs…when I got back home I started hammering out PT 3 days week..first I used a standing frame…then I went to a walker with no wheels….now I’m in the process of learning to use crutches and its only been 7 mo post accident. The spinal surgeon said the probability of me ever walking was slim..so by the grace of God and hard work, I’m determined to beat the odds!!! So never give up!!! It’s great to see people on here giving support, advice, and mostly HOPE…


  4. I’m so happy to have found this blog. I feel like I’m smiling as I read this. I don’t feel so alone. PRAISE GOD!!! Thanks for your kind words Humblejuan and I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Zina thank you for all your support as well and the emails. Well I’m hoping today is going to be a productive day. I’m going to a store that sell products for the handicap to make life easier for us to get around. I’m just praying its not to expensive. I was given a walker and a cane. I think the one that holds both arms would be better for me a regular cane is scary I feel like I’m going to fall. I’m kind off excited to be leaving this house it’s been so cold and so much ice outside I’m so afraid to go out. I need to ask God to take away my fears. Well off I go this morning to do some shopping just waiting for my daughter. I’m so blessed to have met you all may The Lord bless you and keep you all under His wing. God bless


  5. Hi. I have never blogged before and I just had my injury in feb 2012. I kinda feel really lost right now. I am a Christian and have been one since 1992. My feelings are all over the place. One minute I have the joy of the Holy Spirit and have Faith but then there are days that all I do is cry. I had fell on ice helping an ill ol lady and ended up fracturing my L4-5 disk. The disk was pinching a nerve which caused me lots of pain. I went to the hospital like 3 times before they said it was a pinched nerve. So I get referred to a neurologist, he says I have to have a simple operation and all he has to do is shave a disk off the nerves and I should be fine. During the operation my aourda was severed. The doctor calls the helicopter to tranfer me to mass general in Boston. They made it there in 12 minutes I was not suppose to survive but by the grace of God I did. Now I have nerve damage on both legs and I can’t walk. It hurts to walk I’m always in pain. I do get around the best I can a few steps here and there but I cannot walk more then 3 minutes. If I sit I could get up and do another 2 minutes and that’s how I walk. The doctors said I have a spinal cord injury. I’m just wondering if I’m ever going to walk again. I’m not a fighter right now I seem to be just gaining wieght now that I’m not moving around and I need some kind of motivation. I guess I’m very depressed. I do pray all the time but I need help!


    1. Nellie, I’m so sorry you had an accident and that things have been so tragic for you. It’s unfortunate how things happen sometimes. Please never give up on faith. Even if you can walk for three minutes that is amazing. Even if it hurts. You are not paralyzed. God loves you as he loves me and everyone. I could never promise someone whether or not they will walk normally, but the fact that you can walk at all is very positive. I walked again with walking devices, but it was through a lot of hard work and my faith. I’m going to send you a personal email so we can stay in touch. I’m pulling for you, and praying for you as well!


    2. Greetings Nellie,

      I was in a car accident in 2007 and I have not been the same since. Please hang in there! There is something in your story that can help others.

      I have a similar challenge with my walking, my cervical was severely damaged in the car accident and my sciatic nerve was also damaged just name a few of the things I was diagnosed with.

      When I walk for several minutes now my feet sting, burn and I have electrical charges that go throughout my body. But as much of a challenge as I have now, I am blessed because I get to share with you and say hang in there; You Are A Gift From God!

      Much Love,


      P.S. Please know that all the following emotions are okay: Crying, Screaming, and most important is Laughing!


  6. Thank you for your positive attitude its great to see. I dont know what exercises to exactly do. I am waiting on a standing frame to be approved and I loved standing on that forever! I was told I would not walk and that the way my neck is put back together is completely bent the other way which causes pain and evenually without surgery will cause me to become a quad. I am working on that right now but through a divorce I will be losing my primary insurance and I dont know exactly what I am going to do for the long run. I need help and advice so bad. I could use some wisdom from you or others who have commented. I so want to walk again. I got in a car accident and the surgeon goofed and compressed my disc causing the paralysis. I have children who have to live in other places right now while I try to get my life together I dont know how. But thank you for your blog. I appreciate it.


    1. Greetings Caryl,

      I was also in a bad car accident about six years ago. I would like to extend my help in any way I can. Please feel free to e-mail me at humblejuan@yahoo.com


      Lawler “Juan” Kirk


    2. Hi Carol, i’m sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. It’s unfortunate you had a surgery that went wrong. The standing frame is a great way to start to get return of blood flow and strength in your legs. I hope you get that soon. If you get a physical therapist or trainer they can design exercises tailored to your needs so I highly recommend that if you are able to. I’m not a doctor or surgeon so I can’t give you advice as far as surgery; I just hope it gets corrected. As for me, some said I would never walk. So if you believe you will have the ability to that is faith, and you should hold onto it!


  7. It was a pleasure bumping into you the other day. You are a beautiful Soul, I am blessed for having the opportunity to meet you.


    1. With Souls like you on my path, it gives me energy to push forward with my healing challenge. Your name is perfect; Zina, to me seems like a spiritual warrior angel who has come here to help people fight the good fight. Go Zina!


  8. It was the same way when I got hit but now I am better that was 20 years ago. It was in the summer of July of 1992 I had faced many challenges in my life.


    1. I know. I heard your story. I’m glad you’re better now, so am I. Thanks for your message. Hopefully we can all get together and meet soon. Stay in touch.


  9. Zina, nice job on your blogs! You are truly a role model for those injured and non-injured. I have known Zina since college and have been able to see her transition from the wheel chair to the crutches. I’m very proud of her and all of her accomplishments. And love most of all her never give up attitude. Not many people can see the good in every thing that happens, but Zina always does. Keep up your hard work and nothing is ever impossible. I do believe that one day you will walk independently with a cane.


    1. Lisa, thank you so much! You have always been a good friend and so supportive throughout. In all the years I’ve known you, you have encouraged me. A true heartfelt thanks Lisa!


  10. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are, but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you’re not already. Cheers!

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  11. Hello Deepak, I’m very sorry your brother had an accident. Do you mean T5-T6? I don’t know his injuries so I can’t say for sure but I believe there is always hope for recovery and to walk again. You can read two articles I wrote in my blog page and see how bad my injuries were. My article on Spinal Cord Injury Zone and a more recent post titled “A few quick tips on how I heal” should be helpful for you guys. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do. My personal email is zina@zinahermez.com Take care!


  12. Hi Zina, on saturday my brother met with an accident and suffered D5-D6 burst fracture and undergone surgery on Wednesday, can u please share how many are the changes of him walking again..???


  13. Hi~ My name is Janet Crutcher~ I don’t know how I ended up here but here I am. I have a Spinal Cord Injury at the T-12/L1 level due to a catastrophic car crash in July of 1996. I drove my self into a telephone pole, and still don’t remember any of it. I lived in Houston Texas at the time and was life flighted to Herman Hospital. I was so broken up I had to wait 3 weeks before the surgery to repair my spine with a rod and pins. Since I could not move my legs at all I was labeled with a ‘complete’ spinal cord injury. My doctors came in my hospital room one day to give me that news, I didn’t accept it. They sent me to TIRR for rehabilitation. I started to come out of my shell there. After a month I went home to my apartment with relatives in how to help me learn to live all over again. People started to marvel that I was taking care of my self. Well I still use a wheelchair full time. I still cannot move my legs or feet. If I think about the crash it takes my breath away. The journey has been a difficult one. I can’t believe I’m here sharing my life with yall. Must be a reason. I dunno. From: Janet Crutcher~


  14. You are inspiring!! My name is Clarissa and my husband Richard was in a mountain biking accident where he had fallen 35-40 feet off a cliff, he landed beachside in between several large rock boulders. Today he is alive and continues to exercise like there is no limit. It’s people like you and stories like yours that keeps us going. Faith is a big part of us! Richard suffered a fracture at c2&c5 along with a dislocation at c5-6. We were told that only 2 percent of patients was going to regain mobility to walk again. We never listened or believe the doctors as Faith is what’s going to bring us to our destination. You can track Richard story on caringbridge.com under richardrafanan with no spaces. Thanks for your story as we will follow and track you.


    1. Hi Clarissa, thank you for sharing your husband, Richard’s story. What a miraculous survival! You’ve inspired me. I believe you both have the passion and attitude for recovery. There are no limits to what God can do. Patrick Rummerfield is a fully functioning quadriplegic. Search his name – I was amazed. I’m going to follow your story.


  15. I met Zina several years ago at a BNI group meeting. Turned out I knew her brother and made signs for him and lettered his trucks for years. Anyhow, she is amazing and has shown and inspired many of us who do not have any physical limitations. She doesnt make anyone feel uncomfortable because she exhibits a sincere happy disposition.

    Tony Lucero, Eagle Graphics


  16. Zina, thank you for your encouraging account of your journey in dealing with spinal cord injury…I too have have a spinal cord injury T9/10…I am able to stand and with a walking frame put one foot in front of the other…it’s one of the hardest things I have ever done and I fluctuate between courage and continuing on with my quest to one day get out of this chair and just giving up….do you have any advice on overcoming the fear of falling? How difficult is it to get around with arm crutches….my accident was 4 1/2 years ago.


    1. Hi Lyndall. It’s great that you are able to stand in a frame, and put one foot in front of the other. That is a big step in your recovery. I will pray for you to continue on with courage to walk. It is normal to have a fear of falling. I’ve had it too on one cane before. Our healing is something we have to work at. The most important thing is to be on a strict exercise/workout regimen but always be safe when you are trying something new. On my blog page, I wrote an article called “Moving Improves Our Health.” I would like you to read it.


    2. Hi Zina, thanks for your prompt reply…I would love to access your blog, but how do I do that?


    3. Hi Zina, I am really thankful to have found your blog and find inspiration from reading what you have to say….at the moment I have not been able to access physiotherapy for continued improvement but I do have a personal trainer who works with me twice a week and we adapt exercises to help improve strength….my right leg has 100% nerve activation and functions normally but still has weaknesses….my left leg has made improvements but If i could just gain improvement in hip, knee and foot flexion against gravity then walking would not be so exhausting….i love working with my personal trainer as i am fully exhausted when she leaves and i know that it is all working towards a healthier and more functional me…not sure if this is possible but if you have skype, I would love to chat face to face…I live in Australia so the time difference would need to be negotiated…what do you think??


    4. Hi Lyndall, I’m so happy you find inspiration from reading my blog. It’s great to hear you love working with your trainer, and you are making such great strides. Keep up the good work! We can meet on Skype. My personal email is: zina@zinahermez.com Contact me and we can arrange something for next week.


  17. Hi, I’m also SCI patient suffering from T4-T5 level injury since 21 feb. 2010. PLS. Give me the tips how u overcome from the injury.


    1. Hi Triloki, thank you for writing. The way I overcome is simple, but as you know Spinal Cord Injury is not simple! My faith in Jesus and His power to heal me is what keeps me going. I make sure to exercise. Do your best to move, eat right, and get enough sleep. Always take care of your health. I know it feels like your injury was long ago, but it can take a long time to get better. Never give up. You can write to me with questions or comments anytime.


  18. Thank you for your story. My son is 26 and he became a quadriplegic at 18 from a car accident. He does have some toe and ankle movement but I’m trying to get him to get in more therapy for I believe he could move more with the therapy. How long we’re you paralyzed before you starting getting some back? Thank you


    1. Hi Marsha, thank you for writing. Your son does have potential especially if his toe and ankle are moving. That is great! Do your best to encourage him to get into physical therapy. It really does work. You may not see results right away. Healing is a process. It doesn’t always happen as fast as we would like. My movement began in the first month after my accident. I was paralyzed, but my left leg started to twitch when I was in the PICU. I was doing my best daily and fighting my legs to move. Let me know if you have any other questions… I’m happy to help!


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