God loves you.❤️ He loves you because you are you, his child, the one he longs to be with. One day you will understand the importance of his profound existence. 

He loves you the way you are, grace is not earned—it is freely given. If grace were given because of our “works” most of us would not benefit. Our works have not always demonstrated we should earn it. 

God is able to pull you out of your past; so you can live fully in the present! There is no greater time than now to turn your life around. At times your path will not be easy.

Put away any arrogance, or sense of entitlement. Paul writes in a letter to the Romans in Chapter 10: “If you declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead–you will be saved” (Romans 10:9).

I remind you of this verse because I think that some have a misconception about how to come to the Lord. They may think they need to have had a sin-free life or that he would not accept them into the kingdom if they’ve really messed up. It’s not true.

This isn’t always a live your best life kind of path, at times it will be difficult. Those of us who follow God have suffered hardship and even rejection. Life isn’t always pleasurable. But following Jesus is not a one-time-event—he is continually molding and shaping us. 

I’m passionate about my faith and friends. Having a relationship with God through prayer, conversation, and studying the Bible is crucial. After being hit by a car while trying to cross the street on my way to school at just sixteen years old, I became paralyzed.

It’s a miracle from the Lord I’m alive and able to walk. I use crutches (the kind with the rings around the arms), and I hope to one day walk without them. Some doctors predicted I would never walk again at all, so the progress I have made is huge.


I’m a writing coach, author, teacher and have home-schooled classes at churches in the metro Detroit area. I’ve taught creative and structured writing, grammar, essay, and other Language arts courses. I’ve incorporated free writing, journals, essays, college prep, the five-paragraph, research papers, and more.

I’ve taught many subjects, and I’ve worked with thousands of students from different backgrounds and parts of the world. I have a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts degree with a major in English and a minor in History. I also have an Associates in Liberal Arts.

I’ve worked as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Instructor for many years and have teach grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation and have trained students to take standardized tests for business placement and college examinations.

I’ve taught EFL to automotive managers and engineers at corporations like General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota.

I’ve taught numerous children and accumulated many jobs throughout the years. I began by running my own teaching services back in 2004 while incorporating many subjects.


I’ve written well over 500 articles. My guest posts have been featured in Christianity Today, the Southern Writers Magazine, the Breathe Conference website, the Salonpas blog, and the Suite T blog among many other places.

I’m the author of the best-selling book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival. I’m excited about my latest, Not Without God: Hope In the Storm. It is the second in my II part, Not Without God, series.

I’ve been an active member of writer’s groups and have developed my own, “Writing Because I Can’t Not Write” group. I created it in August of 2022. We meet on zoom every Friday and share our writing. Each person brings one to three pages for feedback. Some members just join and observe.

I also feature award-winning and national best-selling authors and speakers. If you have an interest in writing or want to write a book, make sure to contact me so I can get you involved: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100085121127473&mibextid=LQQJ4d

With much love,



With the one and only, Chris Cuomo in Detroit!
With Ice T and his wife, Coco, in NY at Carnegie Hall in 2019!
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  1. Hello Lebohang and Vishal, I am very sorry to hear about your accidents. I have written a book called Not Without God: A Story of Survival where I write extensively on this topic. I think it can help. I have also written a lot on this blog. Please read through the comments on this page. If you would like to order my e-book here is a link: http://www.amazon.com/Not-Without-God-Survival-Morgan-ebook/dp/B00KI5YS7I/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Keep praying, and never give up!


  2. I am Lebohang Mokoena from South Africa, thank you very much for your encouragement it really is a help to us, I fell from the height while i was working. I am an electrician so i injured my spine from t6-t8 so i experience burning sensations in my feet and pains in my joints. Please I need an advice, thanks.

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  3. Hi! I read a few of your poems and I really enjoyed them. I felt I could relate to them a lot. I became an incomplete spinal cord injury because one day I was infected with the virus ADEM. Incredibly rare, especially for a 17 year old girl like me where it is usually found in adolescent males. I have learned a whole lot and met incredible people. I have kept a positive mind and a smiling face not just for me but for my family and friends. What I am wondering is how can I be upset with out being alone? I don’t want others getting as upset as I am when I am in pain. What are some relief concepts that you did alone that made you feel better. You were my age, what was it like for you? Thanks for your beautiful poetry.

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    1. Hi Alexa, thank you for your comment and your lovely complement about my poetry.:-) I think it’s generous of you to not want others (your friends and family) to get upset when you are in pain. You are very thoughtful. I’m sorry to hear you have a condition that has limited you. My accident happened around your age so I know how you feel in some ways.

      My advice would be to stay in prayer, keep talking to Jesus, read the Bible, and write in your journal daily. These are some of the things I did in private, and some of the things I still do. You will release frustrations and feel better. I didn’t want others to get upset when I was either.

      Here’s a quote from my book that comes to mind as I write this advice: “As a teen, those years were vital for me–to read and study Scripture, to listen to live prayer through the radio most nights, and to talk to God daily. I would not have come this far without doing those things.” ~Not Without God

      You are in my prayers.


  4. Hi Zena, its so comforting to read through all this thread of correspondence. I had an accident with my bike last week and hit my head and twisted my neck. I was taken to the hospital and the MRI test revealed a contusion at c5/c6. This is the second week, I am in much pain. Immediately after the doctor saw the severity of the contusion he just asked me to go back home, that there was nothing he could do for me. I left back home in pains and frustration. I must underline here they I live in Cameroon, central Africa where access to must of the therapies is either rare or even inexistent. I am now back home, I still walk on my legs, I still use my hands, but I feel much pains and a progressive weakness in my hands. I am afraid that one of this day I may get complete paralysis as it is said that the full extent of the sci is only full known after 6-8weeks. Please pray for me. Thanks.

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    1. I think the chances of you getting paralysis are slim to none. You are in the second week, and you are still walking on your feet so that is a very good sign! The swelling in the spinal cord usually goes down during that 6-8 weeks (after the initial break/shock). My first movement in my legs began during that 6-8 week period! I will keep you in my prayers indeed. Thank you for writing to me.


  5. Hii!!Zina
    You are an inspiration sent by God just in time. I’m so glad to have found your great blog. This is all about my loved one whom I met on April 2015. He had met car accident in 2007, had complete spinal cord injuries, wheelchair became his world. Not too long I met him I have hope that he will be able to move and walk. I have faith on God that one day God will heal him. When I told him about my faith he said big “No way”” impossible” and he said I’ll never know anyone who recover from spinal cord injuries. Now that I’ve found your blog I have proof to show to him ” how impossible is possible with God”. And I’d like to make a humble request please do pray for him to have undying faith on God like you do and to believe in Him.

    Thank you.

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  6. Im Ritchie and I have a t5 complete spinal cord injury as of July 10th last year, I was sleeping in the back of my parents car on my way home from a family trip and we fell off a 80 ft embankment. Never got any type of function so far and the chances of seeing function after 6 months of being considered complete is less than 5%. I’m not gonna tell myself I am if I’m not it is what it is, and you just gotta deal with it.

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  7. Hi my name is Candy. I am 27yrs old, and 4 months ago i had a spinal/epidural and they mustve hit my spinal cord because now i have wholebody numbness/cant walk long, sciatica, polyneuropathy. And my neuro suspects spinal cord inflammation. Just have been having a rough time since all of this happened to me.

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  8. Thanks god I am looking about solution of complete spinal cord problem I have got ur sugession from web. I am going to inform you about my problem my father about 60 yrs now he hot bus accident and spinal cord problem hand and leg. He cant move have you any idea about treatment thanks for your co-operation. -Pralhad thapa from nepal now in portugal


    1. Dear Pralhad, thank you for writing. I’m sorry about your father’s accident, and I hope he feels better and recovers. There is still no found cure for spinal-cord-injury, but there have been some advancements in technology. Rehabilitation (physical therapy) still gives us the most benefits. It sounds like your father’s accident was not long ago, you can ask his doctor when it will be safe for him to begin a physical therapy/exercise program. This will help him to regain some strength and function. If you have any further questions, you can email me at: zina@zinahermez.com. I have also written many articles on this subject, please click on this link: https://zinahermez.wordpress.com/category/sci-medical-information/


  9. It’s been 16 months now since that fateful day. I know most people don’t remember their accident but I was the passenger and my mother in law was in the back seat not belted down. We went out for a quick trip to pick mom up at the cabin in Colorado and bring her home. Just as we went across the pass my husband passed out at the wheel with his eyes wide open and head cocked back and us leaving the highway. I’m glad I’m the only one who remembers the accident. We ended up in the freezing cold water at the bottom running into our badly beaten up car. It seemed like forever before help arrived and the helicopters had to shut down that two lane mountain highway to land. My being a nurse did not make things easier because I knew from the first time the car hit my back was broken. I too was not to ever walk again, told I am a miracle and it is completely because I have been healed by God except for one minor detail. I have severe neuropathy pain not controlled by meds and the spasticity at night keeps me awake a lot. Do you deal with this and how so? I pray a lot for it to be taken away. Any advice?

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    1. Hello Janette, thank you for sharing your incredible story! It is good to know that everyone came out alive. I am very sorry about your accident. It sounds like you are a big miracle! I do not experience any neuropathy or spasticity in my legs. Your pain will continue to diminish since it has only been 16 months. I had a lot of pain in the beginning. Recovery from SCI takes a long time, and often times–many years. Don’t be discouraged. I recommend that you read all of the articles in my section titled “SCI medical information.” I focus on recovery, and please read all of the comments on this page.


  10. Hey am rodolfo on 2013 i suffered sci t11/12 complete n told i never walked again its been a year since my accident due to car accident but wen i try to my legs i can feel this tingling like when your arms or legs fall asleep but still cant move them does this means anything at all need some help am 20 years old

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    1. Yes, Rodolfo, the tingling in your legs is a VERY GOOD sign!! Don’t give up! A year is not a long time. Please read all of my articles on the “SCI medical information” section on my website, and read all of the comments on this page. I have shared lots of information on recovery.


  11. I was over at Northville Barnes and Noble and started to read your book. Nov 17, 2013 I was hit by a car while I was doing my last training ride for the year. I was a tri-athete. I was very fortunate he was only do 20-25. I was able to walk away form this accident I only had a broken arm, skull fracture and some internal injuries but on the whole nothing even close to what you had. I trusted God in all things He never left me When I thought he was so far away He was beside me. Something that I will never forget.

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    1. Hello Dwight. Thank God your accident was not worse, and I’m happy to hear you are doing well. Yes, these are experiences we can never forget. I’m glad you are able to see that God was beside you the whole time. I know He is beside me. Thank you for sharing your story. I met a friend, a hero, the late Jim MacLaren. He was also a tri-athlete. Google his name. He has an incredible story! Thanks for your note.


  12. Zina , I am also a sci my injury is t8. I deal with pain daily but use no meds only mind over matter. I am happily married with 5 beautiful children in which I conceived and birthed all after my sci injury in 1994. Life is full of blessings and challenges every day. Every day I’m thankful for the life I have been given.


    1. Hi Tricia,
      Thank you for stopping by and writing on my blog! It was a blessing to meet you and spend time with you in the hospital that year in 1994. We were two young girls, and our lives had completely changed. I’m happy to see you with a beautiful family, healthy and strong. XO


  13. Hi Zina,

    I have had three surgeries on my thoracic spine. I am still able to walk but it’s been very difficult to do without pain and electrical signals. I can’t walk very far. I have had this condition since 2009. I don’t know if I will recover fully but I have faith that God will restore me completely. I just need to have trust that He will. Thank you for sharing your life. You are a blessing.


  14. Hi Zina, I really want to say thanks for your blog it’s full of inspiration. I’m also a SCI patient suffering from T3-T4 level injury since 1998. After a lot of exercise I’m better. I appreciated all the tips you give to get better every day!!


  15. Hi, im also a SCI patient, suffering from T11-T12 level injury since March 2013. Ive regained my sitting balance again and have full control when I sit. Ive been doing exercises on muscle strengthening and trying to get myself to stand up. I have been trying my best to get my legs to move but they just twitch and at times move without me moving them. Tell me, when the first times for you to move your legs was it really difficult and how did u go about doing it? And I really appreciate what you have written and how you’ve helped others, its nice to know that someone out there is sharing this and wants to help.


  16. Dear Zina,
    Thanks for your msg, My friend is T4 level SCI injury since 1993 (20years) he is paralyze and now going to do surgery for SCI and he is also doing PT continuously . We hope and pray one day he will stand from a wheelchair . I believe Jesus will bless him. We are going to do surgery soon, I will let you know, Thank you


    1. To Zina thanks for encouraging all of us with back injuries .You are a real inspiration to us Have a Blessed New Year God Bless !Tom Siemer


    2. Hi Zina ,God has helped all of us is so many ways.I do have a few injuries and I pray how I can do different jobs with theseinjuries.and The Lord always shows me.Daniel 6 26-28.Zina you really did help me through a dark time in my life.I say thanks! signed Tom from Australia

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    3. Hi Lisa, you are a real inspiration.I was in a major car crash. Tboned by a car going 60 miles an hour. From 2 crushed vert. I had a lot of pain. Rehab. But miraculously, the Lord healed my family and stood with us. God Bless! Tom

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    1. Thanks Zina you are a real inspiration.The christians around the world need your inspiration. Thanks for you prayers. Robyn and I will be praying for you also. God Bless! Tom Melbourne Australia


  17. Hi Zina Praise someone understands.You are inspirational, I was just in a auto accident.T5-T6 other injuries.My wife and I were missionaries in Africa and Europe. I know the Lord has other things for us. Thanks again for your blog, Signed Brother in Christ Tom F. Siemer

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  18. Hi Zina:

    My 17 year old son is a recent (May 2013) paraplegic. He is walking with forearm crutches and has even challenged the PT to let him walk without any assistance. He is determined. His biggest concerns are the feeling that everyone is looking at him when he is in public. We too have ice in the winter and think your blog will help him. He hasn’t reached out to the SCI community yet and wonder if you might suggest a method to get him to find out whose there to talk and support with. BTW, he has is own individual PT, his MOM, who I am finding to be incredible in his journey.


    1. Hi Mike, I can relate to your son’s concerns. I was around his age when my accident happened. It’s great that he is so determined. As far as reaching out, please feel free to let him know about my blog. He is more than welcome to write to me or subscribe. I will send you an email with networks, foundations, or on line support that I know of. It is wonderful that his mom is his PT. It sounds like he is already making a lot of progress!


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