Hello everyone, thanks for visiting my website.

First I will tell you a little about my Career-life:

I’m a writing mentor, editor, author, and teacher. I’ve taught many courses at churches in the metro Detroit area. I’ve taught creative and structured writing, grammar, essay, and other Language arts courses. I’ve incorporated free writing classes to teach high school that have included: journaling, essay, college prep, the five-paragraph, research papers, and going beyond the standard high school essay.

I’ve taught many subjects and have worked with thousands of people from different backgrounds and parts of the world. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English and a minor in History. I also have an Associate degree in Liberal Arts.

I’ve worked as an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Instructor for many years and have taught grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation and have trained students to take standardized tests for business placement and college examinations.

I’ve taught English to automotive execs and managers at corporations here in Detroit: General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota.

I’ve taught numerous children and have accumulated many jobs throughout the years.


I’ve written well over 500 articles. My guest posts have been featured in Christianity Today, the Southern Writers Magazine, the Breathe Conference website, the Salonpas blog, and the Suite T blog among other places.

I’m the author of the best-selling books, Not Without God: A Story of Survival and Not Without God: Hope In the Storm.

I’ve been an active member of writer’s groups both offline and online and have developed, “Writing Because I Can’t Not Write Group – For seasoned and aspiring authors.” I created it in August of 2022. We meet on zoom every Friday and share our writing. Each person brings two to three pages for expert feedback and editing. Some members just join. We are also a networking group, so the majority come and don’t bring any material.

I only special feature award-winning and best-selling authors or speakers. If you have an interest in writing, want to write a book, or simply want to gain more exposure for your brand or books, make sure to contact me so I can get you started: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100085121127473&mibextid=LQQJ4d

Keep in mind…

God loves you. He loves you because you are you, his child.

He loves you the way you are, grace is not earned—it is freely given. If grace were given to us because of our works we would not earn it. 

God is able to pull you out of your past so that you can live fully in the present.

There is no greater time than now to turn our lives around. At times the path will not be an easy one.

When you follow God, it isn’t always a “live your best life” kind of path at times it will be difficult. You may even suffer hardship and rejection from friends.

Following Jesus is not a one-time-event; he is continually molding and shaping. It will be worth it in the end.

I’m passionate about my faith and friends. Having a relationship with God through conversation and prayer is important.

After being hit by a car while trying to cross the street on my way to school at just sixteen years old, I became paralyzed.

It’s a miracle from the Lord I’m alive and able to walk. I use crutches (the kind with the rings around the arms) and hope to one day walk without them. Some doctors predicted I would never walk after my accident, so the progress I have made is good.

Thanks for visiting my page,



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  1. Hi! I’m excited to read about all of you! My boyfriend was in a car accident 3 months ago on 02.27.17. He broke C2 and C5 (I’m not sure what all they did in the surgery yet) and his spine is bruised. As of today, he can feel his whole body but not normally. He can use both arms and move his legs a little when he’s told to. We’re waiting for his neck to get stronger to remove the c collar so he can proceed unto the treadmill! I would appreciate your prayers as we make adjustments!

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    1. Hello Kendra,

      I’m praying for you, and for your boyfriend also! I pray that God touches your hearts in a way that leads you towards recovery in every aspect: emotional, physical, and spiritual.

      Feel free to send me another personal email if you have any questions…

      God bless…


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    2. Zina, keep inspiring us. We need it. My crushed vertebrae is a challege but with your inspiration, I can keep on going. Brother Tom 🙂

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  2. I was walking, working and very active but I had an elective T10 laminectomy to relieve some slight pressure in Feb 2015. I have been unable to walk or drive since and very limited balance with a 4 wheel walker. 2 years of physio has not made much difference, it just keeps muscles strong but the nerve issue (affected by glial scarring) remains. It’s life changing and so hard to stay positive. Thank you for your forum Zina. From downunder in Aus. Geoff

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    1. Hi Geoff, I’m sorry to hear this. It sounds like you had a surgery that went wrong. I can sympathize with the nerve issue and scarring. Both take a long time to heal. I would encourage you to stay in physical therapy. When you strengthen your muscles, you are regenerating nerves because they are attached and interact. I’m still exercising and improving. I’m praying for your recovery!

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  3. Hi Dustin, thank you for writing to me and for being transparent. I think it’s normal to have highs and lows, especially when you have a spinal injury. I have moments when I feel down but I know that God never leaves me. This may sound surprising, but nine years is not a long time for recovery. It takes a lot to get better. Keeping busy adds value to my life. I help others and I’m still in physical therapy. I hope you have some form of exercise. It will help your body and mind. What are your outlets? Do you listen to music? One of my favorite bands is Hillsong! Yes, please read my posts on here. I have many that I think will help you. ~Zina


  4. Good morning Zina, my name is Dustin and I have been paralyzed since December of 2007. I remember feeling God’s presence while I was in SCICU, and later while in acute inpatient rehab. The first time I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit after my crash was in a church I went to on an excursion from the hospital, I felt so close to the Lord, a complete recovery seemed possible. After nine years, I now feel completely alone, as though God has cast me aside, the Holy Spirit is nowhere to be found. I wonder if we are in the last days, perhaps the Holy Spirit has departed from this place? I am thinking that I have lost hope which might explain why I don’t feel the Holy Spirit in church, and why I feel separated from God? I will search out and read your blog, there must be a reason I found this page of yours!

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    1. Hi Dustin We are praying for you. You are a real inspiration to us. God is going to use you. He hasn’t given up on you. My mother had kidney failure 15-20% 3 months before I was born. The doctor said if you don’t have an abortion soon you will die too. So I am not supposed to be here. I had a spinal injury myself. I did the same as you. Looking for someone else who has spinal injuries. I got alot of encouragement. God Bless, Brother Tom

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  5. Hi Zina, I am Roslyn from South Africa, my 17 year old daughter was in a car accident on 20 July 2016. She fractured her C5 vertebrae and has a blood clot on her spinal cord and was diagnosed to be paralyzed. When the doctor told my husband and I we were so emotional and cried so much, but after a while I stopped crying and remembered the meaning of the word “Hope.” I decided that no doubt should be in me and that God would help me through this and I prayed everyday and trusted in our Lord. We started to see everyday the Lord working his miracle on my girl, she is just so positive and started moving every part of her body with the exception of her fingers moving a little. It has not been a month but she is walking with help from the physiotherapist, I believe God is a healer and never leaves us to go through any trials alone. I know my baby girl will have a long recovery and she will have a bright future ahead. Thanks for your words of encouragement.


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    1. Hi Roslyn,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m happy to hear that you’re daughter is doing better and that she can walk! It’s a long process, but you have the right attitude.😊 You can email me at zina@zinahermez.com if you have any questions.

      God bless,



  6. Hi Zina, I am a believer and spinal injury survivor (L2). I have been in a wheelchair for 6 years. I can walk with canes but it is a very wobbly outing. So I try not to scare people and use my chair. I wish I could walk better and thank God, I do believe I get better it’s just a slow process. I tell people it’s like asking if your hair grew last night, you know it did but it takes time to see a difference. Oh, one more thing we have in common is I’m a writer. I have been a writer most of my life, mostly poetry. Anyway, thanks for your words of encouragement and sharing your faith in Him. I pray you get better.


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    1. Thanks, Bill. I appreciate your honesty about your walking, but you have to start somewhere. I hope you at least practice inside your home or do physical therapy. It’s important to get regular exercise. Great to meet you!


  7. Hi, my son recently got shot in a drive by shooting. He is still in the ICU unit at the hospital, his spinal cord has been fractured C3 – T2 He has brace supports the doctors put in to keep his neck stable. It’s been two weeks and he is doing different things everyday. I love him so much and want to provide the best care, doctors, advice, support, love, etc. to him. My faith is strong, and I know he will be able to live a good life. He is only 18 years old, a very good young man and has the whole world ahead of him. They have not caught the person who did this, in fact, they don’t know who has done this horrible thing. I am strong and ready to fight! Thank you😉 I need all the support I can get on something I know nothing about.

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    1. Hello Marthea,

      I am very sorry to hear about this tragedy you have encountered. My prayers go out to you and your son (your entire family) during this difficult time. My injury happened when I was sixteen but it was of a different nature. However, I had to wear a neck brace because of a C1 fracture so I can relate to that. Please read through my blog page: https://zinahermez.wordpress.com/sci-faith-corner/ I have posted MANY articles on overcoming challenges, faith, and even healing again after Spinal cord injury. My advice to you now would be to stay strong. I know this incident is horrible, but as you seem to know – God still heals! Your son is only 18. Work closely with his doctors and physical therapists. I am sure they will construct a plan to try and get him back up on his feet again when he is ready. Let me know if you have any questions… Feel free to write to me anytime.


  8. Hello, I was involved in a car accident in 2008 just before my wedding. I suffered damage to my two vertebrae and had 7 fractured ribs and a dislocated sternum. I am encouraged that there are people out there willing to encourage the rest of the world. I am able to walk but continue to go thru back pains since. The Lord has been my strength.

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  9. Hello Lebohang and Vishal, I am very sorry to hear about your accidents. I have written a book called Not Without God: A Story of Survival where I write extensively on this topic. I think it can help. I have also written a lot on this blog. Please read through the comments on this page. If you would like to order my e-book here is a link: http://www.amazon.com/Not-Without-God-Survival-Morgan-ebook/dp/B00KI5YS7I/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Keep praying, and never give up!


  10. I am Lebohang Mokoena from South Africa, thank you very much for your encouragement it really is a help to us, I fell from the height while i was working. I am an electrician so i injured my spine from t6-t8 so i experience burning sensations in my feet and pains in my joints. Please I need an advice, thanks.

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  11. Hi! I read a few of your poems and I really enjoyed them. I felt I could relate to them a lot. I became an incomplete spinal cord injury because one day I was infected with the virus ADEM. Incredibly rare, especially for a 17 year old girl like me where it is usually found in adolescent males. I have learned a whole lot and met incredible people. I have kept a positive mind and a smiling face not just for me but for my family and friends. What I am wondering is how can I be upset with out being alone? I don’t want others getting as upset as I am when I am in pain. What are some relief concepts that you did alone that made you feel better. You were my age, what was it like for you? Thanks for your beautiful poetry.

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    1. Hi Alexa, thank you for your comment and your lovely complement about my poetry.:-) I think it’s generous of you to not want others (your friends and family) to get upset when you are in pain. You are very thoughtful. I’m sorry to hear you have a condition that has limited you. My accident happened around your age so I know how you feel in some ways.

      My advice would be to stay in prayer, keep talking to Jesus, read the Bible, and write in your journal daily. These are some of the things I did in private, and some of the things I still do. You will release frustrations and feel better. I didn’t want others to get upset when I was either.

      Here’s a quote from my book that comes to mind as I write this advice: “As a teen, those years were vital for me–to read and study Scripture, to listen to live prayer through the radio most nights, and to talk to God daily. I would not have come this far without doing those things.” ~Not Without God

      You are in my prayers.


  12. Hi Zena, its so comforting to read through all this thread of correspondence. I had an accident with my bike last week and hit my head and twisted my neck. I was taken to the hospital and the MRI test revealed a contusion at c5/c6. This is the second week, I am in much pain. Immediately after the doctor saw the severity of the contusion he just asked me to go back home, that there was nothing he could do for me. I left back home in pains and frustration. I must underline here they I live in Cameroon, central Africa where access to must of the therapies is either rare or even inexistent. I am now back home, I still walk on my legs, I still use my hands, but I feel much pains and a progressive weakness in my hands. I am afraid that one of this day I may get complete paralysis as it is said that the full extent of the sci is only full known after 6-8weeks. Please pray for me. Thanks.

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    1. I think the chances of you getting paralysis are slim to none. You are in the second week, and you are still walking on your feet so that is a very good sign! The swelling in the spinal cord usually goes down during that 6-8 weeks (after the initial break/shock). My first movement in my legs began during that 6-8 week period! I will keep you in my prayers indeed. Thank you for writing to me.


  13. Hii!!Zina
    You are an inspiration sent by God just in time. I’m so glad to have found your great blog. This is all about my loved one whom I met on April 2015. He had met car accident in 2007, had complete spinal cord injuries, wheelchair became his world. Not too long I met him I have hope that he will be able to move and walk. I have faith on God that one day God will heal him. When I told him about my faith he said big “No way”” impossible” and he said I’ll never know anyone who recover from spinal cord injuries. Now that I’ve found your blog I have proof to show to him ” how impossible is possible with God”. And I’d like to make a humble request please do pray for him to have undying faith on God like you do and to believe in Him.

    Thank you.

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  14. Im Ritchie and I have a t5 complete spinal cord injury as of July 10th last year, I was sleeping in the back of my parents car on my way home from a family trip and we fell off a 80 ft embankment. Never got any type of function so far and the chances of seeing function after 6 months of being considered complete is less than 5%. I’m not gonna tell myself I am if I’m not it is what it is, and you just gotta deal with it.

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  15. Hi my name is Candy. I am 27yrs old, and 4 months ago i had a spinal/epidural and they mustve hit my spinal cord because now i have wholebody numbness/cant walk long, sciatica, polyneuropathy. And my neuro suspects spinal cord inflammation. Just have been having a rough time since all of this happened to me.

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