Trisha Yearwood’s Stuffed Collard Greens

Take a look at the latest meal I have added to the menu! Trisha Yearwood’s stuffed collard greens and they are available! I have modified the recipe a little by adding beef! Celebs like to keep everything vegetarian abd vegan these days. For a limited time I am providing an unbeatable deal! Just click on the link.

These fresh and tangy leaves will leave you wanting more! They’re healthy and delicious! Order your batch of 30 today.🌿🍃🌱 #FoodNetwork #CollardGreens #TriciaYearwood #celeb #gourmet Shipped domestically to any state in the U.S.A.! Unfortunately, this item is not available for International shipping. it is considered ’perishable.’ Aren’t they pretty?🌱🌿🍃

Southern Style Pies🌶🧀🥟

I did it again. One of my most favorite things to do ever since I was a child until now is to cook and enjoy with family and friends. Basically, I love the feeling of creating something delicious and positive feedback is always nice. Yesterday, I made good ol’ meat pies. But these are not just any meat pies. They are Food Network pies. They are ‘Ree Drummond’s meat pies.’ Meat pies with a southern twist. I also made pies with cheese and used candied walnuts. Take a look at the pics!

By the time I was done I had about 45-50 pies! It took all day and I wiped down tables, washed dishes, and mopped more than once! Here are pics of some of the pre-fillings I made.

In case you’re interested you can find the recipe here:

The meat pies had a hint of spice because of the red pepper flakes and chili powder. They are so good.😋

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