There is no time, there is entropy🌌

We feel like we’re moving through time, or flowing through it. However, time is not what we think it is. From a physics perspective, the idea that time passes or that we move through time–disappears. It’s no where to be found in the fundamental Laws of Physics, but it’s clearly in our every day lives.

So, what is going on? Is time an illusion? The passage of time notion disappears from a physicist point of view. There are Laws of Motion and Gravitation that help us predict the future, where there will be eclipses, for example. You can EVEN predict the past.

The Laws of Physics wil tell you what was going on in past history. It’s called Conservation of Information. All the information you need is in it. It can predict the future and past. This goes against the idea that time is flowing. There is nothing special about ‘now.’

The Laws of Physics describe EVERY moment of time being of an EQUAL importance. There is no distinction between past, present, and future in space-time, taught Einstein. We have records, memories, photographs, and artifacts.

However, we don’t have photogrpahs or autographs that tell us about the future in the same way as we do our past. We feel as though the past is settled but as though the future is not, and that we can make choices. But we don’t believe we can make choices to change the past.

So why are they so different? It’s called entropy. Entropy is the disorderness of the system. We are taught that entropy increases over time. There is a directionality. The second law of thernodanamics says that entropy increases over time. The first law of thermodynamics is that energy is constant.

“But in terms of the second, over time entropy increases,” says Sean Carroll–a famous physicist. The second law does tell us entropy will be higher in the future but lower in the past. When you look at a cup of coffee, you don’t see the atoms in which it’s made. It gets more mixed together and harder to distinguish over time right after you mix it.

‘Think of the arrow of time this way, it is not built into the fundamental nature of reality. We live in the aftermath of the big bang,’ says Sean Carroll, a world renowned physicist. ‘It was very low entropy and orderly in the beginning.’

Since time is relative, and the past, present, and future are equally as real in space-time, I often wonder if I can still regard myself as the broken sixteen-year-old I once was and doing all of this from my hospital bed. Just a thought!🤔

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