Not Without God book event!

My first book-signing party took place earlier this month on September 5. Sponsored by Beztak Homes and held right in my hometown, I had a wonderful time. Many supportive friends came out on a stormy night. I gave a talk that was centered on a speaking engagement I’ve given called, “How to Live Your Vision and Overcome Your Challenges!”

With my friend Samara!

Not Without God: A Story of Survival books were displayed as well as bracelets that I designed. I made the bracelets to match the colors of my book. Copies of my book are available now on my website at People were purchasing both, and I signed and personalized the books. There were appetizers, networking, friendship, and fun! It was very nice.

I was able to share my story and offer simple methods on how I healed after my accident with tips like prayer, exercise, keeping a journal, and more… I read a few excerpts from my book.

I opened with a quote that is one of my favorites, “Love is a force that is able to heal the worst of situations.” I explained to my audience how love saved my life after my accident in 1994 through the care of doctors, nurses, family, and friends. I then challenged my audience to ask themselves how they could give or invite more of this love into their life. The kind of love that has the power to heal and the power to save. The kind of love that I experienced.

Our prize drawing was a copy of my book, Not Without God. The winner, Elizabeth, was excited and that really meant a lot. She assured me the book could not have come at a better time since she is going through a divorce. She also said she really needed to hear my talk that night. I appreciated the feedback. It’s always a blessing to receive responses like this after I’m done speaking, or after someone has read my writing.

I’m rapidly approaching the launch of my book, Not Without God! It will be released in October and available online or at your favorite bookstore! It is available in bookstores and online right now for pre-order. I will attend a Writer’s conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan next month. I really look forward to meeting a few writers there that I have only met on line, and I also look forward to making new friends. I’m grateful for all of the love and support I have received. It is a busy, but exciting time!


My latest article on Spinal Cord Injury Zone!

People sometimes write to me from other countries. I recently got an email out of India, and it was a plea for help. The writer has a family member that was injured in an accident, and the family member now has a spinal-cord-injury (SCI). I believe that in countries such as India, medical insurance (especially for those with spinal injuries) can be harder to afford than it is in the U.S.

He wrote: “Dear Zina, my brother in law had an accident 2 weeks back and is now a paraplegic even after 2 spinal surgeries. He has a T11-12 fracture. The Dr. says he won’t be able to walk again it’s too depressing. We live in India and we don’t have enough money for survival. My sister and brother in law are so depressed as they are having a 2 year old son. Can you guide us in what we can do to get recovery. Please guide us for recovery. Kind regards, Ruchi.”

These kinds of posts are always sad. I have already responded, but I would like to address Ruchi’s request and answer here for him as well as for the others that have written to me with similar requests on my blog. I have posted this advice several times. After a spinal-cord-injury, health insurance could very well not be affordable. However, you may be able to find a personal-trainer that is willing to help you at a reasonable cost. He or she can design a safe but challenging exercise program designed specifically for the patient’s needs.

Of course the physical therapist or trainer would determine when it would be safe to start exercise/physical therapy after spinal-cord damage. A family member also may be able to help if hiring a personal trainer or physical therapist is not an option. But safety must come first! You don’t want the person with SCI to become worse by risking further injuries.

I am not a doctor or psychologist. I don’t have a non-profit. I‘m a teacher and a writer and I started my blog in 2012. I have separated articles into categories and have given free tips, inspiration, and medical information. I also wrote a book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival and it describes how I healed from near-fatal injuries as a result of an accident that left me paralyzed at sixteen. While crossing the street to get to my friend’s bus stop, I was hit by a car. It’s a miracle from the Lord that I’m alive and able to walk.

In my book, I explain simple things I do such as getting daily exercise and taking fifteen minutes a day for prayer. It may be helpful to keep a food diary to know your body as spinal-cord-injury can also affect your digestive system. Another tip is to know how to listen carefully to your doctor without neglecting “your own doctor” within. Trust your intuitions–they can really help you! My book is more than just a personal story because it focuses on recovery.

Chapter five is called Some Quick Tips on How I Heal, and I suggest simple methods to recover such as prayer and exercise. I offer a short homework assignment at the end of the chapter where the reader is the student as well as the teacher. I encourage you to assess yourself! Please read my latest update, news, and article about my book on Spinal Cord Injury Zone:

Last but definitely not least—don’t forget to pray! Pray Always!

“Prayer will always change things! …you can’t talk to God and not have it change things!” –Bishop T.D. Jakes


The Benefits of Being in Groups

My friend Millie invited me to speak to her non-profit organization, A2 LEAP last Wednesday in Michigan. A2 LEAP stands for: Authentically Awesome (A2), Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Achievers, and Professionals (LEAP)! Isn’t that cool? I’m a member of this dynamic and thriving group. I was able to share my story with them, and offer some tips on how I healed after my accident with a little bit of my writing. It was such a wonderful experience.mespeak

One of our prize drawings was a copy of my book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival. The winner was excited, and it was really neat to witness that. The event was called, “How to Live Your Vision and Overcome Your Challenges! by Zina Hermez.” I knew some of the people there and had already become friends with them at previous events. Some of the faces were new, but everyone was friendly and warm welcomed me. I started off my speech by thanking them. After I was finished, I got some really great feedback. I can’t remember the last time I went to sleep so happy!

Almost two weeks ago, I launched my new website: Please take a look, and let me know what you think. I will be adding a “Speaking” tab to it very soon. I’m blessed because I get to do what I love—write and speak. I feel a sense of peace. I’m grateful for the new friendships I’ve made. In general, I’m grateful for all of the love and support I have received. It feels so good to be here. Despite everything I went through, I am embarking upon a new journey. I am thrilled.

I had a nice time in church on Sunday. I was invited to attend a class as part of a Learning Labs series. One of our topics was God’s place in logic and reason. The class is taught by a physicist and expert in Biblical apologetics. It’s refreshing to see someone in medicine take on this approach. I look forward to upcoming classes, because apologetics is an area I would like to learn more about.

I’ve always enjoyed being a part of groups. How about you? Have you joined any groups lately? Tell me about them. I think being in groups can be very healthy. You are welcome to share your thoughts with me in the comments.

I’m grateful for these kinds of opportunities and I welcome them. I love to learn, meet new people, inspire, and be inspired whenever I can!


“Love Conquers All”

“Love is a force that is able to heal the worst of situations.” ~Zina Hermez

It’s one of my favorite quotes from my forthcoming book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival. Love helped me heal from my accident on Oct. 18, 1994. The love from friends and family, and the love at the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital was incomparable. It emanated from the doctors, the nurses, even the families of children who were ill. There was this energy I can’t explain, but it translated into a lot of love.

The reason I wrote Not Without God, is to share my story and how I healed from a catastrophic accident that left me paralyzed as a teen. I hope that through reading my book, others will be inspired and overcome their own challenges of any kind. I pray that through my story, others will be able to get insight into how to heal.

Today I’m grateful for the abilities I have and the ability to walk at all, and I have not given up. I went from being a popular teen to alone and handicapped. I was on a breathing machine. I could not talk. I could not move. I could not eat solid food in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for nearly a month. The only way to communicate was to write.

People tell me “you’re so strong” all the time. Perhaps I am; but for me to be here is a part of God’s plan. He controls everything. We have to understand that everything happens by Him and for Him. I think sometimes people have this misconception that they are rewarded because of their effort or hard work and things they do. Good things happen to them, and they get surprised when bad things occur. But God allows suffering sometimes. No matter how much I’ve been through, it’s nothing compared to what Jesus went through.

Today is Palm Sunday: the first day of Holy Week. Easter is on Sunday, April 20. No matter what our burdens, let us carry them and follow after Him.

But He was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on Him, and by His wounds we are healed. —Isaiah 53:5