Matter vs. Antimatter and what it all means (how we got here)!

In the early twentieth century, we learned how particles like electrons behave when they travel close to the speed of light. Paul Dirac came up with an equation for this. He was surprised to find that his equation always had two solutions.

He recognized one solution described the electron and the other was a mystery. He later found that the other solution was described as anti-matter, or, an anti-electron. It had the same mass and spin as the electron but it had an opposite electric charge.

The first had a negative electric charge, the other had a positive electric charge. The other name for this anti-electron is the positron. The same thing is true for ALL particles. Quarks have anti-quarks, and there are anti-atoms, etc.

This was amazing because Dirac knew it would DOUBLE the known particles in the world! When matter and anti-matter come together, they annihilate. So there is a big question.

Why is there any matter left? We would expect equal amounts of matter and anti-matter to be created at the beginning or at the Big Bang, but if this were the case the universe wouldn’t exist. We would not be here.

The Laws of Physics do not have a preference for a plus sign over a minus sign, for example. There should be a sea of structureless radiation; however, that is not what happened. We are here. Physicists have been puzzled by this.

“Some have wondered if the anti-matter got separated from the matter and if the matter exists as anti-stars, anti-planets, and anti-galaxies,” says Brian Greene, world renowned physicist. Interesting thought.

Scientists have predicted that for every billion anti-protons there must have been a billion and one protons. That would leave just enough matter to have everything we see today!

The Book of Genesis teaches us:

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2 The earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters.

3 And God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. 4 And God saw that the light was good, and God separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, one day. -Genesis 1:1-5

The Book of Genesis and the Big Bang Theory correlate as far as timelines go. Did you know that 13.8 billion years ago there was a tiny microscopic point in space and it generated so much energy that it went bang? There was no noise, though, because there were no air molecules at the time. But LIGHT was created.

John Pennington

Then, 13.8 billion years later HUMANS are created. The first thing created was light and the last thing created is us, humans.

The sun was also created 9.2 billion years after the Big Bang. If you divide 9.2 into 13.8, you get 2/3. So, 2/3 of the way from the light, our sun was created. 2/3 = 4/6. Moses says in the Book of Genesis that light was created on the first day and he says the last thing created, on the “sixth day” were human beings. Genesis also states that on the fourth day God created the sun, and because 2/3=4/6 this makes perfect sense.

Moses uses “days” and the Big Bang Theory uses billions of years. However, they follow the same order. Thus, LIGHT was first created (as stated above in both calendars). Then came the sun 9.2 billion years later, and we, humans came last. We can guess that humans came into existence around a hundred thousand years ago, but that is just a rough estimate.

World Science Festival!

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God Is Love♥️

God is not just loving; God is cross-like love. God is not just peace; God is cross-like peace. The violent portraits people paint of God at times are not accurate. God doesn’t inflict harm on us; he sometimes allows things to happen. Why that is we can’t even begin to understand. This is when we have to trust. But keep in mind that out of evil comes good. It’s like a proton’s relationship to a neutron. There cannot be a loss without gain or a tragedy without glory, for that matter. God is scientific. Sorrow and joy are interchangeable. Again, we don’t always know why bad things happen. Often it’s our fault. Nonetheless, God loves us more than we can know or fathom. He is Love eternal. ♥️🛐✳️✨☀️🌠

About Zina

Zina Hermez authored the best selling book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival. She’s been featured in numerous articles, guest posts, podcasts, websites, newsletters, and magazines. Recently she was featured on ESPN’s ‘Solutions from the Huddle’ broadcast. Zina’s written hundreds of articles and has taught students from all over the world spanning many different backgrounds and cultures. She’s appeared in Christianity Today, the Suite T blog and Southern Writers magazine among other places. She writes on faith, science, and overcoming adversity. Her goal is to help others. You can connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter.

The End of ‘Time’🌌

We are the only ones in the universe. God didn’t make other life, as far as we know. I mean, there are creatures and sea life, etc. But there is no evidence for alien life, and the Bible makes no mention of it. We have searched and found nothing so far.

It doesn’t surprise me that we are the only ones here: God’s children. We are also the only ones brought to consciousness and aware of our own mortality. The greatest physicists have told us that we are here by chance. At the beginning of what we know as ‘time,’ or ‘the Big Bang’ 13. 8 billion years ago, everything was ordered and designed.

God doesn’t make mistakes, though. We are not here by ‘chance.’ We are here deliberately for a purpose, and each one of us is unique with our own gifts, talents, and even failures and shortcomings.

I don’t know if my mind could ever understand all of physics. I majored in English and minored in History and often wish I would’ve studied science more. It is one of my favorite subjects nowadays. Although I love to write, of course.

I have learned a lot about light, Einstein’s theory of relativity, how light is eternal (Godly). Not only did God create light, but the Bible tells us he is light in many places which I referenced in my previous post.

But back to time. When did it begin? Did it begin with the Big Bang? If God is eternal (which I believe he is), when was the beginning? How far back does he go?

I have understood that if we routinely traveled near the speed of light, we would understand that time slows because we would experience it, and we would understand that space becomes blended into time.

Einstein called it, space time. Everything is happening in ‘space time.’ We are told the past, present, and future are equally as real and almost have no distinction in space time.

Unfortunately, everything will die one day. All matter will disintegrate. Every structure, proton, everything you see (and experience) will one day be no more. I have been studying Brian Greene’s book, ‘Until the End of Time.’ He’s a world-famous physicist.

This is how he explains it: he compares the floors of the Empire State Building to time. Everything from the Big Bang until today takes us to about floor 10, but exponentially far into the future of the building, everything will disintegrate. But there are key things that happen along the way.

With the final floor, at the peak of the Empire State building–the universe is just left with a bath of particles floating through the darkness. All structure will disintegrate. Entropy will win. There will be nothing but particles in the void.

In my next post, I plan to write about the Boltzmann Brain, or the new form of a “Big Bang,” so to speak. So stay tuned for that. It’s never over because God is eternal.

As Brian Green explains it, ‘There will be pockets of order that can reform.’ If you’re interested, I have attached the video that will explain all this more!

About Zina

Zina Hermez authored “Not Without God: A Story of Survival.” Her stories have been featured in various guest articles, medical journals, magazines, newsletters, and well over 200 of her own blog posts. As an educator for more than twenty years, she’s had the privilege of working with thousands of students from different backgrounds and parts of the world. Her writing endeavors earned her an invitation to speak at the Harvard Faculty Club’s, “Business Expert Forum.” Zina’s goal is to help others overcome adversity, and she strives to do what she longs to – help other people. Socializing with friends, taking business trips, listening to music, and meeting people are among her hobbies. You can connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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