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“Zina’s future seemed bright. Popular and chosen to serve on the Multicultural/Multiracial council at school that year, she hoped go onto college and have a successful career. But one dark and rainy morning changed everything. Zina suffered a spinal cord injury and other fatal injuries from an accident. Flown to the University of Michigan Hospital via Survival Life Flight, it was through a nurse named Mary Kay, that God’s saving grace kept her alive. Her future was unpredictable, but God never left her side! He told her she would walk again. But she had a long road ahead.

  • A compelling story
  • A book for people who are looking for overcoming
  • Inspirational
  • Appeals to caregivers and health professionals
  • May be adopted as reading for churches, hospitals, and non-profits

…an incredible story of recovery that offers hope, insight, and ways to heal for anyone facing adversity in their life.”

A Spectacular Five-star Review:

“Zina shines brightly, yet humbly, just how beautiful of a soul she is within–and to–this world. Moreover, she conveys to each one who reads her blessed memoir that we have the very same opportunity she has been given by our great God to gravitate to where she has ascended in her full and loving relationship with Him and others in this world. This is only done with intentional, intestinal fortitude, as we must follow Zina’s faith-driven life model and humble ourselves to where we fully trust in and love the one, true, living triune God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) of the universe.

The light, love, life and joy of the Lord that long ago invaded and enveloped Zina’s heart, mind, and soul is so inspiring. I am convinced that all who have the privilege of learning more about our sovereign God through Zina in this book will feel Him reaching into their hearts and hear His desire that they draw into the oneness that Jesus prayed for all of us in John 17. A oneness that Zina has maintained and increasingly deepened despite her challenging circumstances. Read more…

More Rave Reviews for Not Without God…

“‘Not Without God’ is an inspiring true story of courage, perseverance, and faith. Written with heart and spirit, it chronicles Zina’s amazing journey of healing filled with examples of strength, boldness, and miracles. Her story will bring you to tears and leave you inspired to never give up, dominate over your fears, take the risks worth taking, step out in faith, and start living your vision. Her story is a powerful reminder of what is truly most important in life: faith, hope and love. ~Millie Chu, Vice President of Global Entrepreneurship and STEM Talent at Global Detroit. She also founded the A2 Business Labs.

“Zina’s story is a fascinating story of faith, perseverance, and determination. She is an ongoing testimony of the power of God to walk with us through the most difficult situations and to bring us to a place of triumph. Zina shows us all that regardless of what happens to us, we don’t have to be victims. We can find victory in our weaknesses and hope in our suffering. Her undying faith, her authenticity about her struggles, and her gift of encouragement inspires all who know her and her story.” ~Sharon Gibson, author of “From Stuck to Success” and the online course, “How to Write for Fun and Profit”
Keynote speaker at “How to Live Your Vision!” A great turnout!

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