book cover

“Zina’s future seemed bright. Popular and chosen to serve on the Multicultural/Multiracial council at school that year, she hoped go onto college and have a successful career. But one dark and rainy morning changed everything. Zina suffered a spinal cord injury and other fatal injuries from an accident. Flown to the University of Michigan Hospital via Survival Life Flight, it was through a nurse named Mary Kay, that God’s saving grace kept her alive. Her future was unpredictable, but God never left her side! He told her she would walk again. But she had a long road ahead.

  • A compelling story
  • A book for people who are looking for overcoming
  • Inspirational
  • Appeals to caregivers and health professionals
  • May be adopted as reading for churches, hospitals, and non-profits

…an incredible story of recovery that offers hope, insight, and ways to heal for anyone facing adversity in their life.”


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