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Teacher Testimonials!

“‘English is important, but the language of the Spirit in which we speak is much more,’ said my teacher–Zina Hermez”

~Pastor and Chaplain, Former student

“Zina is an excellent teacher. She is well organized and supported me in improving my reading and writing skills.”

~Satisfied student

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Speaking & Signing at Barnes & Noble Booksellers ~“Zina’s speaking engagement was so moving! She connected everyone in the room, and you could tell so many were moved! She spent time with listeners afterwards by taking their questions, and people were in line waiting!” ~Audience member

“Zina is always punctual and very calming, which is just what Alia needs.:)

~Satisfied parent

“Zina is the best teacher I have ever had, and it is always fun to be in her class. I hope I can study with her again!”

~Former student

“I love Zina’s teaching style! She explains grammar really well. I understand everything clearly.”


“Zina really seemed concerned with my son’s schoolwork. He enjoyed working with her and is really happy!”

-Satisfied father

“We were told we’d have to start medication soon for ADHD behavioral issues. After Zina came in, it was only a thought. She really saved us!”

-Satisfied parent

Zina has been wonderful with my son. She has been helping him build his understanding of the fundamental skills needed to be a good writer. She is very positive and I could not be happier!

-Satisfied mother

“Zina is doing a wonderful job helping our son and keeping him engaged. He has shown a lot of progress with his school work.”

-Satisfied parents

“Zina continues to help improve our son’s essay writing capability.”

-Proud parents

“As always, Zina continues to provide excellent coaching.”

-Proud parent

“My son really likes Zina!”

-Satisfied student (parent)

“Zina has done such a great job helping our son.”

-Satisfied parents

“Excellent work thus far.”

-Proud father

“Zina is very patient with Aubri. I feel in just a few short sessions, their relationship has improved and my daughter is making great strides. We are very thankful we found her!”

-Proud mother

“Zina is a very promising teacher!”

-Satisfied student

‘My daughter’s grades have really improved since she started working with Zina. Thank you so much, Zina!”

-Proud mother

‘Ms. Zina, my teacher could not believe how well I did on my homework. She was surprised I added that much detail and mentioned how great it was that I used transition words! She emailed my dad!’

-Proud student

“Zina Hermez is a great professor! My vocabulary improved in her class, and she also recognizes the importance of grammar and giving feedback. I feel like I got a lot out of it!’

-Satisfied student

“Zina is very patient and redirects when Joshua needs it, thank you for your support:)”

-Satisfied parent

“Zina exhibits patience, is precise with instruction, and very prepared. She provides immediate feedback!”

-Satisfied grandmother

“My son enjoyed learning with Zina. Her lessons are structured and easy to follow. She is patient and provides immediate feedback.”

-Satisfied father

…and more!

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