Trust God

Life is not perfect; but God’s love is. It is made perfect in weakness; there is no fear in love. This is biblical. That is not to say life is perfect or that the world is perfect, though. ‘The universe doesn’t have to make sense to us’ is how one of my favorite physicists put it.

We are moving here through entropy, although we call it ‘time.’ Time is manmade, and we even have different time zones. That is because time is relative based on where you are positioned. “It is not the same for everyone” is how Einstein explained it.

Often we hear others say, “God’s timing is perfect.” What does that mean anyway? A million years to God is not the same as it would be for us. He is eternal. At the start of the universe (that some like to call, “The Big Bang”), I will call it the “Big event,” only because there was no bang. There were no air molecules at that time. God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light.

Let’s not complicate things. Everything you see today is made up of light. Even us. Did you know that the elements in our bodies are the same elements that are in stardust? It’s true. That’s not to say we don’t have organs or blood, but we are made of stardust. We are also made up of atoms. We are made of billions and billions of atoms that never die.

It’s a primary rule of physics. Scripture also tells us we are made in his likeness and image, and in the Bible there are several places where God is called light. He is the light of the world. He is light and in him there can be no darkness at all. God is light and he created it.

When we see something happening that doesn’t seem “God-like,” we must trust in God and carry our cross. Again, the world doesn’t have to cater to us. We have to conform and learn how to adapt. Now, that is NOT to say that we have to conform to the world. But we ARE living in the world, so we have to live amongst one another in acceptance and love.

We have to forgive, and that is hard to do at times. But as you know, these are some of the first commandments. Love your neighbor as yourself; forgive and let it go. Turn the “other cheek.” In a world divided like it never has been, this may seem hard.

But keep in mind that God is love. And that we must trust him no matter what. God has made his son heir of all things, through who he has also made the universe (Hebrews 1:2). God loves us indiscriminately, let’s at least do our very best!

About Zina

Zina Hermez authored the best selling book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival. She’s been featured in numerous articles, guest posts, podcasts, websites, newsletters, and magazines. Recently she was featured on ESPN’s ‘Solutions from the Huddle’ broadcast. Zina’s written hundreds of articles and has taught students from all over the world spanning many different backgrounds and cultures. She’s appeared in Christianity Today, the Suite T blog and Southern Writers magazine among other places. She writes on faith, science, and overcoming adversity. Her goal is to help others. You can connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, or Twitter.

Author: Zina Hermez

I'm a teacher, writer, and speaker. I got into publishing when I joined a Christian writers' group online where I met a few select authors who mentored me. My life changed. Through classes, webinars, and friendly emails, I've been encouraged to write. I started my blog to cope with my spinal injury in hopes of helping people.

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