The Weirdness of Physics

Did you ever think of yourself as a particle? According to physics, you are a “particle,” actually, you are made up of MANY particles. More than you can probably imagine. EVERYTHING is made up of particles.

‘We are nothing more than a spec,’ says The Science Guy, Bill Nye. Quantum mechanics proves that it’s true because Quantum mechanics involves breaking ‘things’ down to their tiniest parts.

A particle is an “entity” that is not at a definite location. There is a “likelihood” that it is at one location or another, says Brian Greene – world-famous physicist. We are waves too, try to wrap your head around that. A particle is a wave. We learned that after the famous, ‘double slit experiment.’

For example, an electron (a particle), can pop up into any part of a ‘wave.’ Back to what I’ve talked about before, there is more than one choice or outcome that can happen. You, the particle, can show up in different parts of the wave.

What doesn’t happen in one universe, can happen in another, for example. In one universe, you may decide to become a nurse. In another universe, you may not. But you would never know because you cannot communicate with that other universe.

It’s called the theory of entanglement, and it makes up everything. Two particles (electrons) can be on different ends of the earth. One can be in Los Angeles and one can be in New York. But they will imitate each other and even behave the same way.

Before you get spooked out by this idea that there could be another ‘you’ in another world, keep in mind, physicists tell us to live as though we are only living in this one. I’m sure that is all you can do, because this is the only one you know about.

Actually, in an infinite universe, there can be copies of you out there being made right now. This supports the idea of string theory and that there may be multiple universes.

Give up the idea that there are definite predictions, says famous author and world physicist, Brian Greene, again. You picture yourself living in a Three-D world, you look up, and there is a ceiling, you look down, a floor, and around, walls or borders of some sort.

However, what you see is not all there is, as a matter of fact, physicists now believe we could be living on a 2D plane. It’s called the Holographic principle. Check it out, everything could be a hologram, including you! God just may be the greatest computer designer that has ever lived. We could be “code,” stored on a 2-D surface.

I write this article to remind you – there are no limits. When you have an eternity, not only is every rare thing possible, but if you wait long enough – every rare thing happens, said Sam Harris – philosopher and neuroscientist.

This is a great video where Brian Greene is interviewed and explains further!
This is a great discussion between Brian Greene and Sam Harris on this topic also!

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  1. I agree, Zina, physics is very weird and wonderful too! We are indeed made of jillions of little particles. The physics of flight has fascinated me for decades too. Keep your particles very close to you!

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