Ever think of yourself as a hologram?

Have you ever heard of the holographic principle? Could the WHOLE UNIVERSE be a HOLOGRAM? This is not just a speculation but a THEORY that scientists take very seriously. The idea is that everything is just a two-dimensional projection of the universe. So our three-dimensional world is actually just a hologram. It seems real. But it’s a holographic projection that operates on a 2D surface that bounds us and is way out onto the edge of the observable universe. These Laws of Physics and processes way out there would create a reality that seems real but is really just a holographic projection of the details and data and information on that distant surface, says Brian Greene, world-renowned physicist. Everything we do and think is processed through our brains so our brains help us to process things and find patterns and organize things and allows us to tell a story of what could be happening. The story could be something our brains have concocted to make sense of our perceptions. It’s a real possibility, continues Brian. I have often said we are moving here through our imagination. What Brian says makes sense because it could all be happening in our minds. We play a bigger role here than we realize. Imagination is not something we can choose to use, it’s how we’re moving through life! The holographic principle or idea that the universe(s) could be a hologram does not surprise me. We could be like “code” on a 2D grid with God as the greatest computer designer that has ever lived!💫☄️🪐🌍🌠🌌👩‍⚕️✳️

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Zina Hermez has authored the best-selling book, Not Without God: A Story of Survival. She’s been featured in numerous articles, guest posts, podcasts, websites, newsletters, and magazines. She’s just been featured on the Intuitive Edge podcast! She’s also been on ESPN’s “Solutions from the Huddle” broadcast and on Grace and Truth Radio World! Zina’s written several hundred articles and has taught thousands of students from all over the world from many different backgrounds and cultures. She’s appeared in Christianity Today, the Suite T blog, and the Southern Writers magazine among other places. She writes on faith, science, and overcoming adversity. She also writes on health and diet and loves to help others. Her latest book, Not Without God: Hope In the Storm is live and for sale! You can order your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/Not-Without-God-Hope-Storm-ebook/dp/B09P9T2DLT

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