Happy Easter!☀️☦️💐

I would like to share an Easter note that I shared with contacts earlier. I have big plans for 2021 and hope that my experiences are as fruitful as they have been in the past! It would be nice to go on some business trips, and I hope that my upcoming book takes me on some exciting journeys again! I’ve always enjoyed traveling and networking at writer’s conferences and speaking events. I would love to go somewhere to see the Northern Lights, but I guess that will have to stay on my bucket list!:-) Another destination I would like to go to some time is Washington D. C. I have never been there. I am grateful for the travel I have had so far and know that with God there are new beginnings! I look forward to the friends I have not met and the book experiences I have not had yet. Click on the link below to read my note.

I hope you enjoy it!



Zina Hermez

Why We Celebrate Easter (special)

This is a video I uploaded on Good Friday to my “Faith Tips” series on YouTube. Instead of writing a post as I regularly do bi-weekly/on holidays, I decided to create a video blog!!! It’s cut a little short, but I hope you enjoy it.

About Zina

Zina Hermez authored the book Not Without God: A Story of Survival and created the Spinal Injury Solutions! online website. Zina works as an English Language Instructor, and has been an educator for fifteen years. Her thousands of students have been from many parts of the world, and she’s worked with all ages. Zina writes articles on faith and overcoming challenges, and her stories have been featured in Christianity Today, the Breathe Writers Conference blog, newsletters, guest posts, and medical journals. To learn more about Zina visit http://zinahermez.com.

Happy Easter!

Dear friends,

Happy Easter to you! I want to share my most recent news, and also let you know about an Easter promotion we are running on “Not Without God.” The e-version of my book is practically FREE right now. There are only a few hours left! I would love for you to read it! Please take advantage of this special opportunity.

Click on this link to read my update: http://eepurl.com/bi1CAL.

May the joy, hope, and promise of Easter fill our hearts today and every day!


~Zina Hermez

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