Some things you may want to know, Part 4!

On average, EVERY single star🌟 has a planet🪐 going around it. One fifth of them have an “earth”🌍 sized planet going around it. How many galaxies✨ are there? There are about a hundred billion galaxies with a hundred billion STARS in EACH one! Do you really think we are alone? In this lifetime, we have already picked up signals.🛸

If there are alien life forms (I believe there are), there are three types. I will explain. But of course first we would want to decipher their language. So, a type one civilization is capable of harnessing planetary🪐 power. They would manage or modify the weather: earthquakes, hurricanes💨, etc. Type 2 would be stellar⭐️. They would play with stars and use the energy out put of a star like in Star Trek! Type three would be galactic: they would roam the galactic space lanes like in Star Wars!☄️

There are planets, stars, and galaxies (and we are made of the same elements that stars are🌠), and that’s it. Most of the universe is made up of dark energy. It’s the energy of ‘nothing.’ It’s a result of the “Big Bang” or Big event when God said, “Let there be light💫.” There was no “bang” because there were no air molecules; thus, there was no noise at that time. Quantum physicists don’t believe the “big event” happened only once. They believe in the multi-verse theory and that we are living in a cosmic bubble with multiple universes as a result of multiple “let there be lights💫.”

Our universe had a beginning, but there are other bubble universes out there that are expanding beyond our three dimensional comprehension. It is hyper space; it is eleven dimensional hyper space. String theorists tell us. The Big “event” is nothing but the collision of universes, according to Michio Kaku (famous world renowned physicist). String theory teaches that inside the “nucleus,” which we once thought was the tiniest particle, is a tiny heart string♥️. God created these tiny heart strings that vibrate and EVERYTHING is made up of this “heart” string. God created a symphony🎶!

Einstein didn’t believe in a personal God; he believe in a God defined as a “God of Spinoza.” God as a singular self-subsistent substance, with both matter and thought being attributes of such. He believed that God was orderly and that God is organized and not random. On a single sheet of paper we can write all the known Laws of the universe. He believed God is beautiful. We can write down Einstein’s equation (one inch long) and string theory is a lot longer, but you can write it all on one piece of paper. The PURPOSE of science✳️ is to determine how the heavens go: the purpose of religion is to figure out how to go to heaven, says Michio!

By the way, I believe in a personal God. The one who parted the Red Sea. I believe in Jesus Christ. His son. I believe in the Holy Trinity. At the same time, I believe that God is orderly, organized, beautiful and amazing. In a way, I believe Holy Father is like a “God of Spinoza.” I also believe that God is all loving and that he loves unconditionally. I don’t focus on condemnation. I believe God is omnipresent (he can be everywhere all at once!).

I believe he is awesome! I believe that “mind can’t contain” as the bible says, “what the Lord has prepared.” I also believe that if there are aliens it doesn’t mean God loves us any less. My God is big enough to love me as if I’m the only one here! You know what I mean? God’s love is not limited by how massive his universe(s) are. We are intelligent beings. God created us. We are his children. We are made to rule over creatures of the land and sea. We are brought to consciousness and may feel like we have free will.

I believe we do to some degree. Some physicists would also argue that everything is in cosmic order and that “free will” is more of an illusion. I believe that God is the greatest Chess player. He knows every way that something can go. He has a plan for even when we fail. That is the way that the famous pastor, Greg Boyd, explained it.

Robots are getting smarter and smarter. They are about as smart as a cockroach. In the coming years, they may become as smart as a cat or a dog. If they ever become as smart as monkeys they may become dangerous. Aliens from out in space can be genetically and cybernetically advanced, according to Micho Kaku! And…the “chip,” folks…will be made for Alzheimer’s patients. It will NOT be made for us. I mean, it WON’T be in the Covid 19 vaccine! Lol🤣

To learn more about these topics, I recommend you watch this video. My notes are based off this podcast I watched with Lex Fridman and Michio Kaku (world renowned physicist, professor, and author!). Here is the link:

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Author: Zina Hermez

I'm a teacher, writer, and speaker. I got into publishing when I joined a Christian writers' group online where I met a few select authors who mentored me. My life changed. Through classes, webinars, and friendly emails, I've been encouraged to write. I started my blog to cope with my spinal injury in hopes of helping people.

2 thoughts on “Some things you may want to know, Part 4!”

  1. Michio has been my favourite scientist for as long as I can remember. I could listen to his questions on the universe for ever. The best part of your Post is from you – to think of our universe and our part in it as a ‘tiny heart string’. I can imagine you could write a long dissertation on this subject and develop a large following interested in this subject. Thanks again, made my day.

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    1. Thanks so much for reading, Steve! I appreciate the encouraging feedback. I like Michio a lot too. Some others I like are Brian Greene, Sean Carroll, and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, just to name a few. Thanks so much, again, for the great and positive feedback!


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