When GOD is involved…

Listen to the Holy Spirit. Pray and seek after God. The Holy Spirit will tell you WHAT TO DO in your heart. The Holy Spirit invites us in, but when we are off tune we cannot hear from Him. Ask to be led, and simply start by talking to Him.

When you are praying you are RECEIVING. Whether you realize it or not, God is giving. You open the gateway. The Holy Spirit gives you guidance. You may not hear directly from the Lord. But once you ask, there is an unfolding of events that take place.

You may not see your miracle or dream occurring, but something is happening behind the scenes—this is what the essence of faith is: The ability to see something good in your life with no evidence of it. You create the experience!


Not Without God book event!

My first book-signing party took place earlier this month on September 5. Sponsored by Beztak Homes and held right in my hometown, I had a wonderful time. Many supportive friends came out on a stormy night. I gave a talk that was centered on a speaking engagement I’ve given called, “How to Live Your Vision and Overcome Your Challenges!”

With my friend Samara!

Not Without God: A Story of Survival books were displayed as well as bracelets that I designed. I made the bracelets to match the colors of my book. Copies of my book are available now on my website at http://zinahermez.com. People were purchasing both, and I signed and personalized the books. There were appetizers, networking, friendship, and fun! It was very nice.

I was able to share my story and offer simple methods on how I healed after my accident with tips like prayer, exercise, keeping a journal, and more… I read a few excerpts from my book.

I opened with a quote that is one of my favorites, “Love is a force that is able to heal the worst of situations.” I explained to my audience how love saved my life after my accident in 1994 through the care of doctors, nurses, family, and friends. I then challenged my audience to ask themselves how they could give or invite more of this love into their life. The kind of love that has the power to heal and the power to save. The kind of love that I experienced.

Our prize drawing was a copy of my book, Not Without God. The winner, Elizabeth, was excited and that really meant a lot. She assured me the book could not have come at a better time since she is going through a divorce. She also said she really needed to hear my talk that night. I appreciated the feedback. It’s always a blessing to receive responses like this after I’m done speaking, or after someone has read my writing.

I’m rapidly approaching the launch of my book, Not Without God! It will be released in October and available online or at your favorite bookstore! It is available in bookstores and online right now for pre-order. I will attend a Writer’s conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan next month. I really look forward to meeting a few writers there that I have only met on line, and I also look forward to making new friends. I’m grateful for all of the love and support I have received. It is a busy, but exciting time!