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Hey! I’m really excited to be sharing this link with you today. It’s from my interview with Titus Bartollota of Creative Solutions Group! He is the founder, president, and lead consultant for Collaborative Solutions Group. CSG has been something Titus has been passionate about for a very long time. Originally from New York City, Titus has spent the majority of his life in North Carolina.

If you are accomplished, successful, and in a similar industry as Titus. You might want to contact him! He is a person of value who wants to add value to others! He’s a professional coach focusing on both life and business matters. He’s a published author, certified speaker, entrepreneur, and someone passionate about helping those seeking to level up in business and life!

He’s also would love to be featured on your show or podcast! Here is Titus’s speaker reel: https://vimeo.com/467198835

You might learn more at: http://www.Team-CSG.com.

Oops, and I almost forgot to add the link! I was so excited to tell you about my friend, Titus! My interview was recorded right out of Charlotte, North Carolina, at the home of ESPN!!! I am SO excited to share it with you all! Here we talk about my book, “Not Without God: A Story of Survival,” my author experiences, how I’ve overcome my injuries, and the Lord! I hope you enjoy it!

Lastly, I have to add that through this blessed experience, I may be writing once per month for CSG’s magazine, “Flame,” with 100,000 monthly viewers!!! God is good!♥️

About Zina

Zina Hermez authored the best-selling book “Not Without God: A Story of Survival.” Her stories have been featured in various guest articles, medical journals, magazines, newsletters, and over 300 of her own blog articles. As an educator for more than twenty years, she’s had the privilege of working with tens of thousands of students from different backgrounds and parts of the world. Her upcoming book, “Not Without God: Hope In the Storm” will be out later this year. Her writing endeavors earned her an invitation to speak at the Harvard Faculty Club’s “Business Expert Forum.” Zina’s goal is to help others overcome adversity, and she strives to do what she longs to–help other people. She’s appeared in Christianity Today, the Southern Writers magazine, and Suite T blog, among other places. Socializing with friends, taking business trips, listening to music, and meeting new people are among her hobbies. She was recently featured on Color Speak (a Grace and Truth Radio World! podcast). You can connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, or Twitter.

Is Writing A Desire or A Calling?

Are you a writer? Have you found your niche? What do you write about? Right now the popular trends are diversity, culture, and social issues. It’s important to write about topics that people care about. But keep in mind that your writing is not for everyone. Who is in your target market? I’m sure your ideas have been explored. Someone may have wanted to encourage others through their personal struggle, or they may have had a similar idea for a novel. With 1.5 million books out each year, make sure your writing is really good! We are not all meant to be writers. We can practice the skill, and I recommend it if you want to grow in your business.

But be aware that you will work long hours. The more you write the more confident you will become, though. It will become easier to convey your messages. If family or work obligations don’t allow time for it, ask yourself if writing is really your calling. It’s normal to feel fear. You may have a fear of failure or a fear of not fitting in. You may have a fear of going too far! I believe there are endless possibilities for all of us to be successful in some endeavor. But if you are meant to be a writer, your words will not only change the reader, they will change you, also!

Recently I was approached by a company that asked me to take the pay-to-publish method. I was told that If I do business with them, my book may be “picked up” by one of their larger (recognizable) parent companies because they would take note of it. There are all kinds strategies and gimmicks that people use to get you to buy their products—but before you dive deep into your pocket, learn how to write better. Learn how to write a book proposal or a pitch. Start with a one liner!

Writing takes determination and persistence. You can’t give up. If you are serious, you won’t be able to stop no matter what. You will keep on going despite any criticism or rejection.  I’ve joined writers groups. Most publishers may not pay attention to you until you are established online, so start building your platform. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are important. This is where you can connect with your potential audience.

Create your own blog, or try to write a magazine article. Begin a monthly newsletter. I started by writing Ezine articles. Those short essays can eventually turn into chapters. Maybe one day you can compile an organized manuscript. The exposure will help you seal any potential deals. I’m still working on my craft. It can take years to develop your voice, but once you do it will be worth it because writing is an art and a fascinating field!

(This article will appear in the Southern Writers Magazine – Suite T blog).

About Zina

Zina Hermez authored “Not Without God: A Story of Survival” and her forthcoming book, “Hope After the Storm” will be the second in a II part series. Her stories have been featured in various guest articles, medical journals, magazines, newsletters, and over 200 of her very own articles. She works as an English teacher in the Detroit area and has been an educator for twenty years. She’s had the privilege of working with thousands of students from different backgrounds and parts of the world. She’s taught at automotive corporations like General Motors, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz. She’s worked with numerous children and accumulated many jobs throughout the years. Zina began her own teaching services incorporating math and other subjects. She currently home-schools at churches and teaches creative and structured writing as well as other Language arts courses. Zina’s goal is to help others overcome adversity. You can connect with her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


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