Your Promise Is the Reason I Don’t Fear Solitude


Lord I feel your presence and I hear you whisper in my heart, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” I know that life will be hard. But your promise is the reason I can be alone when others can’t. It’s why I’m not afraid of solitude. When I’m riding my bike, gently, you whisper in my heart: “This road will not be easy, but you will get through it. In the end you will be with me…forever!” ~my thoughts as a teenager

Don’t let anyone throw you off your trajectory. No matter what happens stay focused and on your path. Don’t get off balance. It is easy to get distracted. Some situations will hinder you. But if you stay on your course, sooner or later you will be rewarded. I’m constructing a self-help book for others to learn how to handle grief and overcome negative thoughts. I want it to be a quality work.

One of the questions I ask is, “Can you remember a time when God was really there for you?” Were you ever in a desperate place? A moment to moment kind-of-place? We’re you just confident you would overcome? Sometimes we know that God will deliver us. Jesus says, “ I will ask the Father and He will give you an advocate to help you and be with you forever” (John 14:16). I am open to comments, and remember that writing your thoughts down can be a healthy pattern.

New Year’s Resolution

My New Year’s Resolution was to always have peace with everyone including myself. I strive to get better, and better how I relate with others each day. I believe part of the peace I am seeking comes from self-reflection. The only way to realize my mistakes is to boldly look at myself “in the mirror,” so to speak. It’s not easy to do. It takes courage, but it is SO worth it once you become aware of patterns of behavior. When you are friends with everyone including YOU. You realize that even those that seem to be in opposition may be helping you. Getting back up only makes you stronger! But you have to like YOU first.

One of the ways I perform self-reflection is through writing my thoughts down. I began the practice of journaling years ago as a teen when I had no audience. Writing for myself comes easy. If you are not much of a writer, remember that no one else has to see your writing. You don’t have to share your inner-most-thoughts. Writing helps me, and I believe it can help you too. Complete happiness requires self-reflection, many people are afraid of it. It’s a lot of work. Writing is more than a need for me it’s a necessity!

About Zina

Zina Hermez authored the book Not Without God: A Story of Survival and created the Spinal Injury Solutions! website. Zina works as an English Language Instructor, and has been an educator for fifteen years. Her thousands of students have been from many parts of the world, and she’s worked with all ages. Zina writes articles on faith and overcoming challenges, and her stories have been featured in Christianity Today, the Breathe Writers Conference blog, newsletters, guest posts, and medical journals. To learn more about Zina visit